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When Eternity Holds Its Breath

Pastor’s Note: When Eternity Holds Its Breath – August 6, 2017

Have you ever been on a country road behind someone that was in far less of a hurry than you were? In fact, he was going several miles LESS than the speed limit! You are late to your appointment and there is no place to pass. You are in a no passing zone, BUT should you ignore the yellow stripe in your lane and pass?
Maybe you are counting your pennies to make sure you can pay your bills when that car you have had your eye on is listed at a hugh reduction. Should you buy it and risk it becoming the straw that broke your financial camel’s back?
God’s word counsel’s patience and delayed gratification. Eternity holds its breath as you weigh your options before you make these and other decisions.
This Sunday we’ll take a look at Luke 9:62. Can we let go of that special dream? Can we listen and trust God? Can we afford not to? I hope you can be part of the discussion. I pray you will invite someone else to join you. In fact, why not ask them if you can pick them up? It is so much easier than walking into an unfamiliar place alone.

Pastor Randy

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