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Red Rover, Red Rover

Pastor’s Note: Red Rover, Red Rover – August 13, 2017

Some of the things we remember are amazing. Why do we remember some things and not others? Those are pointed questions to myself when I remember things such as playing Red Rover in early elementary school.
Waiting to be picked, hoping to go early in the draft, was an intensely emotional experience! No one wanted to be picked last. Not to be picked early by a friend was a blow to one’s ego.
Standing side by side with ten to fifteen other children and calling out to the opposing team across the field to “send over” one of our classmates again was emotional. You eventually had to invite the biggest kid to try and break through your line. However, no matter how hard you gripped the arm of the one next to you, the opposing player could break through and bring back a player if they were fast enough and strong enough. It could hurt badly if you were unable to keep them from breaking through but tried with every ounce of strength you could muster.
How disappointing it was when you stood next to a coward or one of superior intelligence (depending on your point of view) who decided to turn loose of your arm rather than risk a bruised arm. A competitive player (who me?) would always think, “We could have held him or her!”
This Sunday the message is about the importance of standing side by side in sharing and living the Good News of life in relationship with Jesus Christ. Somethings just cannot be accomplished individually. The power of we is impressive.
Bring your umbrella and invite someone to join you as we experience God’s love and hear His encouragement to work together for the sake of others.

Pastor Randy

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