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“I shot’em”

Pastor’s Note: – August 20, 2017

The grandfather of James Thurber was asked by his minister on his deathbed, “Have you forgiven all your enemies?” “Haven’t got any,” said the old man. “Remarkable!” the minister said. “But how did a red-blooded, two-fisted old battler like you go through life without making any enemies?” Grandfather Thurber explained casually: “I shot ’em.”
We’ve all been hurt by a word or an action.  I’m pretty sure we all have hurt others, too.  How should we respond?  Is there a better way to handle offenses than Thurber’s grandfather’s method?  I’ll give you a clue from the life of a little boy.
A 4-year-old boy was waiting with his mother in the doctor’s office. They were discussing all kinds of great issues such as “What am I doing here?” and “Where’s the doctor?” and “Why isn’t God married?” — things like that. Finally, the little boy asked the ultimate question: “Why doesn’t God ever just get tired and stop?”  His mother thought a long time before she answered. Then she said, “God is love, and love never gets tired.”
If you want to hear the rest of the story, bring your Bible this Sunday and be prepared to hear what God’s good news is for us about the hurts we have received in life….and the ones we may have caused.

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