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Eclipse: What a moon is not supposed to do

Pastor’s Note: Eclipse: What a moon is not supposed to do – August 27, 2017

I watched the eclipse last Monday by gazing at the light projected on one postcard as the light passed through a pinhole in another postcard. Did you see this phenomena? Did you see it with the help of a telescope or camera what use mirrors to project light on a different surface?
It is a wonderful time to remember Jesus is the Son. Believers are moons. Moons are not supposed to stand in front of the Son eclipsing His light. Moons are meant to reflect light which means they need to be polished and occasionally cleaned. You regularly clean the bathroom mirror, right? Sometimes a little polishing is all that is needed. Occasionally it may require a major effort.
Sunday we’ll be looking at 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Specifically, we’ll focus on the need for constant prayer, i.e. polishing, until the light of Christ reflects strongly into the dark places of our lives and world.
Please come. Ask another if they are coming.

Pastor Randy

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