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Hey Dad!

PASTOR’S NOTE – September 8th, 2017

I answered the phone frantically searching for a piece of paper to write a note. I hung up and paused over the discovery of my frantic search; an inconsequential list written by my Dad. No big deal except he had died several weeks earlier. What I held in my hands had been in his. It was like touching his hand as I held the note he had held and gazed at his hand writing; uniquely him.

I often wish I could pick up the phone and call. “Hey Dad, can you believe what just happened? What do you think about that? What should I do?”

Wouldn’t it be great if God was just a phone call away? What would it feel like if he just showed up right there in your room? What would you ask him? What level of confidence would you have concerning his answer? Who knows you better than you know yourself as well as the future?

Is it possible to receive a fresh new word from God every day? To experience his real presence and counsel just for you in this moment? Does God still speak? Come Sunday as we search for the answer in Psalms 46:10-11.

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