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What is God thinking?

I have never stood next to an open grave at a cemetery without a sense of sadness and loss.  Never.  Neither the sun shining nor the rain pouring changes how I feel in a cemetery.

Jesus felt the same way as he stood outside the tomb of his friend, Lazarus.  He wept. He raised him from the dead.  Jesus did not raise all the dead to life, however; not yet. Until the restoration of the world at Jesus’ Second Coming, we continue to live in a fallen sin sick world.  Under the circumstances we continue to experience death, sadness, and pain. Take heart. This will not last forever!

There is more about God’s will we do not understand than we comprehend.  At least three things can be known, however. God reveals them through Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.  Let’s look at them together this Sunday where we celebrate resurrection every week.

Pastor Randy

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