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Six years old and left sleeping in the back of the station wagon after the family returned home is a bittersweet memory.  Back then I didn’t need a mattress or pad for comfort.  I was waking up, groggy, appreciating the perfect temperature of the car and realizing where I was when the door opened and I was told my Uncle Cecil had just died.  The door closed and I cried.

The previous year I had grown very close to my uncle.  He spent much time with me including a drive around the newly built Beaver Dam talking about the changes that would happen when the lake filled up.  He promised to take me fishing soon.  And, when I was seven he would teach me to shoot a rifle then take me hunting!  His care, his time, his soon to be imparted talents were no longer available.  I was crushed.

I was too young to process if God’s will for me was always good, if His will for me could change, if life would ever be good again, if life took a wrong turn.  I have thought of those questions and wrestled with them along with many other people.

It would be both an honor and a joy to see what light God’s Word sheds on these deep places in our souls this Sunday with you.  Can you come?  Is there someone you could invite, perhaps should invite, to join you in God’s presence through worship.

I am praying and trusting God will bless with understanding and a deep sense of His abiding love and care in our hearts this Sunday.

Pastor Randy

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