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Is your desire and goal to experience a rich and satisfying life? Good news!  That was God’s purpose in sending His son, Jesus, to the earth in human form.  As John Wesley said it, “to teach us the way to heaven”.

Heaven is not as much a place, although I think it is; as much as it is being completely in the presence of the Almighty absent the corruption and decay our current living space harbors. According to its use in both the Old Testament and New, to know someone was to have an intimate relationship with them.

Too often to know God is equated with “knowing about” rather than “living in” vital relationship with God. If we believe as the twelve disciples did that Jesus’ purpose is as he said to lead us into a “rich and satisfying life” (Jn 10:10), why would we abrogate our lifelong pursuit of knowing God which should embody the Christian’s existence? Perhaps the eminent theologian J.I. Packer was correct when he said “Christians have become enchanted by modern skepticism and have joined the “gigantic conspiracy of misdirection” by failing to put first things first.

It is time to redirect our attention to the simple, deep truth that to know God is to love his Word. Participation in “The Story” is a great beginning.  Books are available in the narthex or the office for $7.50.  It is not a solitary journey, but rather a journey with friends.  The journey is richer when you travel as Jesus did with a group of twelve others experiencing forgiveness, love, laughter, and faith together.

Small groups similar to this was what the earliest Methodists were all about.  The leader was not a Bible expert or “answer man”. Rather, then and beginning the week of September 16 the leader is a facilitator, encourager, and time keeper for this opportunity to lean into the life Jesus came to lead us into.

All four small groups have filled.  However, if you want to participate please sign the waiting list in the narthex or call Tressa to put your name on that list.  We’ll look for a group that can take one or two more, slide you in if someone else finds a previously unrecognized conflict, or do our best to put another group together.

However, you choose to participate in the months ahead, I look forward with eager anticipation to being. . .

On the journey with YOU!

Pastor Randy

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