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“God is present in reality no matter what unreality our practices and our ponderings imply,” writes Albert Day in ‘The Captivating Presence’.

As you reflecting on the now fading year it may be difficult, perhaps impossible, to see how God was working in you and through you.  That is a dangerous place to live! When we do not see God at work we often doubt He is at work. Discouragement, apathy, and less effort for God follows. If left unchecked, our relationship with God wanes or is broken.  His guidance, power, and encouraging friendship are left unwrapped.  So be encouraged by Albert Day when he says God,

… “Is forever trying to establish communication; forever aware of the wrong directions we are taking and wishing to warn us; forever offering solutions for the problems that baffle us; forever standing at the door about loneliness, eager to bring as such comradeship as the most intelligent living mortal could not supply; forever clinging to our indifference in the hope that someday our needs, or at least our tragedies will awaken us to respond to his advances. The real presence is just that, real and life transforming. Nor are the conditions for the manifestation of his splendors out of reach of any of us! Here they are; otherness, openness, obedience, obsession.”

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