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This is The Day

“This is the day The Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalm 118:24
It is a prayer in perpetuity for us. For Israel it was a prayer of victory, of thanksgiving for The Lord having driven back an enemy that “swarmed like bees”. It was a physical enemy presence they could see with their eyes.
For us the challenge is more subtle, maybe even more insidious. We don’t always see the evil lurking about, “swarming like bees”, because we have become accustomed to our culture. This is not always a bad thing because the Bible still acknowledges the reality of this world – “Be in the world but not of the world”.
We see the world even though it is perishing, and we live in this world though it is fading. And if this world is our love, our genuine investment, we are fading with it.
Acknowledging “this day The Lord has made”, however, charts a course for His people to navigate this world while still on a journey to a world that is both present and yet to be. Like our salvation, we can know it is upon us and is real in this moment while it assures us of what will one day come.
This is why we can honestly pray, “This is the day!” Each day is a reminder for The Lord’s people that we are not *here* though we are physically present. Each day reminds us we are – or should be – moving on to something more glorious. It is “going on to perfection” in all that is assured us!
Let this day be our opportunity to rejoice, come what may. Let us remember we are the people of Promise even in our sorrows. “This is the day The Lord has made” – the day of fulfillment, the day of moving beyond our sorrows and remembering who we really are *and* whom we will one day be.

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